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Important Tourist places in Singapore

Singapore offers some of the best sightseeing attractions that are sure to thrill a visitor on a vacation or a casual trip. From the religious architectural wonders to natural features, the island has so much to give to its enthusiastic travelers. Some of the tourist attractions in Singapore include Al-Abrar Mosque, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Jurong Bird Park and Central Catchment Nature Reserve. Apart from the man-made beauties, the island is also blessed with natural beauties like beaches, wonderful landscapes and a range of creatures, which adorn the island's natural heritage. Singapore knows to preserve its natural treasure and has several sanctuaries and wildlife parks to do so efficiently.

On the other hand, the rich cultural treasure of Singapore is preserved in the temples and other religious monuments. 

On visiting these ancient creations you will see the well-preserved heritage of the land, its religion and its culture. Apart from all this, tourists are further enticed by the varied shopping options and cuisine options present in almost every part of the destination.

Top tourist attractions in Singapore

Popularly referred to as the 'Garden City', Singapore has more than just natural treasures to flaunt. From a collection of rich flora and fauna to various other attractions including mosques, temples, zoos, museums and other nature wonders like natural reserves, and beaches. It's time to catch up all that you have been waiting to explore in the island. Some of the best tourist attractions in Singapore are

Nightlife at Orchard
Orchard Road: If you are a shopping spree, then a visit to Orchard Road is must for you. The Orchard Road has great shopping malls – Ngee Ann City, The Paragon, Plaza Singapura, Wisma Atria, Far East Plaza, Wheelock plaza ,Lucky Plaza and many others. There are plenty of eating spots here including Food Republic, Ayam Peneyet Ria, Killiney Kopitiam and many others.

Sentosa Island: If you want to be entertained to the fullest, then plan a visit to Sentosa island. Visit Sentosa underwater world and fall in love with sea creatures, visit Merlion- the giant statue which is half fish and half lion, plan a ride for a cable car to Sentosa or simply play with dolphins at Dolphin lagoons.

Merlion, Sentosa IslandMuseums: Asian Civilization Museum gives you a taste of history of Asian civilizations housing cultural and archaeological treasures from China and others. Singapore Art Museum has the largest public collection of 20th century Singapore and Southeast Asian art in the world. Other museums include Singapore History Museum, Peranakan Museum and Royal Selangor Pewter Museum, Changi Museum and others.

Jurong Bird Park: Jurong Bird Park gives shelter to over 8,000 birds of 600 species including the world's largest collection of Southeast Asian Hornbills and South American Toucans, and the world's second largest penguin exhibit. The park has daily shows such as Breakfast with the Birds, Birds of Prey, Penguin Feeding Time and the Jurong Bird Park All Stars Bird show.

Songs of the SeaSingapore Zoo: The zoo is home to over 2,000 creatures which are housed in landscaped enclosures having rock walls and streams replacing cages. Attractions include Children's World, giving a chance to interact with animals, six island Primate Kingdom, sea lion and penguin gallery, the polar bear exhibit and a miniature railway.

Jurong Bird Park
Night Safari: If you are an animal lover and you wish to look at a one horned rhinoceros or hear a pack of striped hyenas, then night safari will be a great deal for you with 1,200 animals of over 100 exotic species to look at.

Singapore Botanic Gardens : Botanic gardens combine great horticulture with great plant biodiversity along with activities and eating spots for visitors.

Little India: Little India as the name suggests shows the colors of Indian community in Singapore. Hinduism is an important life aspect here and beautiful temples of Sri Veerama Kaliaman and Sri Srinivasa Perumal are worth visiting.

China Town: Chinatown has narrow streets full of life that has changed quite less for generations. The whole of China Town is lit up beautifully during the Chinese new year with a variety of festive goods sold at various shopping stalls.

Al-Abrar Mosque

Al- Abrar Mosque is also known as the 'hut mosque'. It was constructed in the year 1827. This ancient religious architecture went through a renovation in the year 1980.

Nagore Durgha Shrine

Created by the Indian Muslims, this shrine is one of the ancient and most visited attractions of Singapore. The columns and classical molded arches of this architecture are creative and beautiful.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is a spectacular four-storied architectural wonder. With sky high ceilings, drum tower and bell tower there is lot more that the temple reveals to its visitors. The golden stupa is however, one of the better features of the temple. It is located on the fourth floor and is 2 meter in size.  The stupa is located in the place where the relic is kept and preserved. The temple is built in the pattern of Buddhist mandala. This style belongs to that of Tang dynasty. A visit to this Buddhist temple will take you past the history and culture of this island nation. The third floor of the temple shelters a Buddhist Culture Museum. It has about 300 artifacts of the religion and has been collected from different parts of Asia. The second floor has a tea house. There are temple programs and religious ceremonies held frequently.

Jurong Bird Park

If you love to be a part of the nature, Jurong Bird Park is a must visit destination in Singapore. More than 8000 birds have their homes in this aviary. In Asia Pacific, the park is the largest of its kind. Another feature of this park is the tallest waterfall of the world. You can even check out birds from different parts of the world like Africa and South America in this national bird park.

Khong Meng an Phor Kark

Khong Meng an Phor Kark is also known as Bright Hill Temple. It is known to be the largest temple in  Singapore. The temple is adorned with several Chinese shrines, decorations, chimes and idols. The garden and turtle pool are a major attraction of this beautiful temple. Khong Meng an Phor Kark boasts of a modern architecture and is a true beauty to visit during your vacations.

Central Catchment Nature Reserve

For some thrill, some tiring excursion and ultimate nature experience, Central Catchment Nature Reserve is the ideal place in Singapore for visitors to visit. The reserve stretches for about 2000 hectares. The four main reservoirs of this nature reserve are Peirce, Seletar Reservoirs, Upper Peirce and MacRitchie. Hiking the trails through the forest that leads to Bukit Timah Reserve is one of the favorite activities in this area.

Chinese and Japanese Gardens

Lying close to the Jurong Bird Park, this garden stretches for about 13.5 hectares and is a true beauty to visit. Created in the Northern Chinese Imperial Style, the garden adorns a part of the island on the Jurong Lake. You will love to walk in and around the magnificient Chinese Garden and see the pagodas, stone lions, statue of Confucius and the stoneboat. You will certainly love the ambience of the Garden of Romance and the medicinal aromas of the Herb Garden on visiting Chinese and Japanese Gardens. One of the most picturesque attractions of the garden is the bonsai garden. This is also known as Suzhou styled penjing.

Lying near the Double Beauty Bridge is another magnificent garden. This is the Japanese Garden, which has zig-zag patterned bridges, pathways with tiny pebbles, lanterns made of stone and warm houses for the season.

Other well-known tourist attractions in Singapore

Singapore has lot more to offer to its travel enthusiasts. The island nation is a favored destination for Asian tourists as well as for tourists traveling from other parts of the world.

Some of the famous places to visit in Singapore are

Singapore Zoological Gardens
Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
Sentosa Underwater World
Sri Mariaman Temple
Sultan Mosque
Changi Chapel and Museum
Chinatown Heritage Centre
Thian Hock Kemg Temple
Tanjong Beach
Tiger Sky Tower

These and several other interesting places to visit often star in the various packages, which you may avail to explore Singapore. On your vacation in the island nation you can also be a part of the various entertaining shows held at regular intervals. Being a part of the Night Safari and the Jungle Breakfast with zoo creatures is fun and exciting. You will love to explore the island features and return again and again to have a wonderful time in the island with your near and dear ones.

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